About us

We’re a specialized office in the Audiovisual Department of the National Council of Culture and the Arts, seeking to contribute to the development of the national audiovisual industry, to increase its social and economic impact, and to promote Chile, and its diverse locations, as a filmic destination on the international scene.

We’re a public agency, so our resources are free of charge to productions that need them.

National Council for Culture and the Arts

The National Council of Culture and the Arts (CNCA) is a public entity in charge of implementing public policy for cultural development. Its objective is to promote and distribute Chilean cultural heritage.

In 2004, Law 19,981 for Audiovisual Development created the Council for Art and the Audiovisual Industry (CAIA), inside the CNCA, with the objective of developing, encouraging, distributing, protecting, and preserving national audiovisual works and the audiovisual industry.

“Comisión Fílmica de Chile”, or Film Commission Chile, is a specialized office under the umbrella of the CNCA and CAIA, which facilitates the objectives of these entities in the field of films.



The role of Film Commission Chile

Film Commission Chile offers leadership and coordination between government entities, service providers, businesses, and others.

On a national level, we work to promote and distribute the tasks of the audiovisual industry.

We conduct intergovernmental coordination with all of the entities that take part in the processes of audiovisual production.

We provide information related to locations, entry of people and goods into the country, necessary permits to carry out productions, and personnel (technical crew, professionals, and businesses related to the audiovisual industry).

On an international level, our main focus is the promotion of Chilean sites and landscapes as prime locations to shoot international productions: films, commercials, documentaries, and television programs.

We serve as a facilitator to international productions who want to get to know Chilean audiovisual offerings and develop their projects easily and efficiently.

How We Work

We coordinate with different industry players, in Chile and worldwide, to facilitate the development of productions in our country.

We reach out as hosts to foreign productions that come to shoot in Chile, offering them technical assistance and all necessary, specialized information, in addition to facilitating their communication with institutions that grant permits.

We take action on the national level to make Chile more film-friendly every day, to ensure the best conditions for audiovisual production, and so that industry players can get the most out of their work.

We also work through strategic alliances with national and international events, with our sight set on promoting Chile as a destination for filmmaking.

Kinêma Award

An aspect that stands out among our duties is the Kinêma Award, which, since 2015, has allowed us to recognize outstanding audiovisual productions promoting the multifaceted potential of Chile as a cinematic location.

Its objective is to promote national territory as a film set and to encourage the creation of films in the country.