Chile Film Friendly Program

What is Film Friendly?

It’s a program signed at a national level between Film Commission Chile, the National Council for Culture and the Arts, and multiple municipalities throughout the country, which ensures the best conditions for production, standardizing protocols for granting film permits, low fees, and easy access to information for shoots and productions in these territories.

Active Agreements

The communities currently participating in Santiago are: Providencia and Santiago; in the rest of Chile they include: Valdivia, Valparaíso, Concepción, and Puerto Montt.

Metropolitan Region: Providencia and Santiago

Region of Valparaíso: Valparaíso

Biobío Region: Concepción

Los Ríos Region: Valdivia

Los Lagos Region: Puerto Montt

Go Film Friendly

Film Commission Chile is open to all of the communities who would like to join our network of film-friendly municipalities.

It means being “friendly” toward audiovisual productions, facilitating their labor in our communities. The agreement includes, among other commitments, creating a special protocol for film permits and designing a municipal position for the person who will coordinate these procedures, working actively to assist productions in the community.
Any community who wants to join! Audiovisual activity creates diverse employment opportunities, visibility for the region and, as a result, strengthens the image of the country and brings an economic return to the zone where the production is carried out.
Contact Viccenza Martini, Director of Chile Film Friendly Program at